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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Quick Hit

I finished a few things - first, Bo's cat-ear hat.

He wanted it black, of course, and with ears that were bigger than normal. So I added five stitches to the ears when I started them. It made them bigger than normal, but I dunno if they're as big as he wants. Just for comparison, I put the one I made for myself on top of it. You'd be surprised how little difference five stitches makes.

I also made it out of wool, because I worry about people having cold noggins. I really think it came out well - it's the third I've made, so I guess I'm getting good at it. I hope he likes it. I haven't shipped it yet, I should do that...anyway, I also whipped up a couple quick wristbands, because they're so fun!

They only take like forty-five minutes to makes, I'm going to have to have one to go with every outfit. Thanks to Star for the awesome free pattern:

You know I love free patterns.


  • At 4:29 PM, Anonymous Nora said…

    Hey, Gwen. I was showing my mom the Anime Club site, and she saw NorthofEast and brought up the fact that she's been bugging me to ask you to knit her a cat hat. So! I am willing to pay for yarn (and some extra so you profit), and she says that it's okay if its not done by Christmas. You have my e-mail, and it's not like we don't see each other in school every day, so get back to me, k?


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