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Monday, July 31, 2006

Not much happening around here.

I had jaw surgery a few weeks ago, so I've been doing more morphine than crafting. However, I have started a pretty little scarf - laceweight black merino, with clear, dark purple beads at the end. The gauge is pretty small, so I thought it would be really slow going, but it's not too bad. I've got about eight inches so far. It's not really my taste, but if it comes out well I think I'll do a pink one with black beads. I was actually going to start with that, but it's surprisingly hard to find plain black seed beads.

Maybe I'll sell it. I also made myself two shirts - all this non-knitting content, it's sacrilege, I know. Well, what're you going to do, huh? Wanna make something of it?

The one on the left I just stenciled, with black acrylic paint and textile medium. I though it was really awesome until my Mom made a comment about personal hygiene. It's still cool, though. The one on the right I - gasp! - sewed. It came out pretty well, really fits me nicely. (Please ignore that there are still threads hanging off it. I am infinitely lazy.) The only problem is that when I pull up the hood it kind of slopes into my shoulders and looks really odd. But I just won't wear the hood, I guess.

Ok, that's all for now!


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