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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Yes, I'm a loser

Let's take a moment away from sweaters and such to look at the inner workings of my knitter/gamer brain.

I don't often get ideas for original projects that I actually might make...but I like this one! It's a white felted messenger-bag style purse; maybe six or eight inches tall, four inches wide, and two inches deep, just big enough to hold a wallet, cell phone, and game boy. :) The flap would have a small intarsia design on the lower right corner, of...yes, I'm a loser...Dance Dance Revolution arrows.

Stomp to my beat!

I'm thinking that it should be lined with some cool, brightly-colored cotton fabric. So now all I have to do is find some. And some white yarn that isn't bleached, so it'll felt. Hm...


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