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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Hey, check it out, I'm posting semi-regularly again!

Anyway, I've been working pretty much non-stop on that cardigan I was talking about. (It's Sonnet, from Knitty - Fall 2003, I think. Unfortunately I still haven't figured out the problem with my camera, so I only have a crappy cell phone picture. I fiddled with the coloring in Photoshop, but it's still a little too orangey - in reality it's a soft pink, a little bit grayer than a pastel. That green stripe is the marker for the edge of the walkway backstage at my school, where I spend the majority of my "free" time.

You can't really see it in this picture, but it's all seed stitch except for the two bands, which are a 4 by 4 box stitch.That slit in the middle is where one of the sleeves will go. On the right you can see one-half of the front neckline, on the left is about a half of the back neckline. (The front and back are knit all in one piece.) The seed stitch is getting boring, I must admit, but I think I'll go pick out buttons soon so I get all enthusiastic again. :)


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