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Gwen is a high school junior stranded on a not-quite-deserted island. (Manhattan.) She's obsessed with knitting and everything japanese.

Friday, December 30, 2005


If there's one thing I love, it's an oppurtunity to use my icing gun.

Merry Christmas! (So it's a little late. So what?)

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I'm baaaack!

'Allo! Okay, right on to the good stuff. This is my Christmas present to my mom. It's a snowflake headband from the fall 2005 issue of Knit It, and came out twice as wide as I had expected. Nevertheless, the colorwork came out great and it'll be perfect under a ski helmet.

I used Paton's Simply Soft, which is 100% acrylic but quickly becoming one of my favorite yarns. It's so soft and awesome! And cheap! And it comes in some kickass colors. But speaking of awesome yarn...I was up at my GS leader's house discussing my Gold Award, and just before I left she was like "Oh, wait, I have something you might want..."

YARN! Lots and lots of odd balls of yarn, which I promptly took home and sorted into big ziplocks by colors. It's all free, the only condition being that it had to be used for charity projects, which is fine by me. I do a lot of them anyway. YAY! I've started a child's cardigan with the dark purple stuff on the left there - that's the one thing that there's a significant amount of, ten or eleven balls.

I actually didn't knit as much as I had thought I would during the holiday season. There was that snowflake headband, and a scarf for each of my two sisters, and Wendy's wavy scarf, but that's about it. Very unusual.