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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I'm going to an OK Go concert on Wednesday! I'm SO EXCITED! I just found their blog about a half hour ago, and it turns out their having a concert here in NYC in a week - so I'm going to pick up tickets after school tomorrow. Standing room only, but they're only 15 bucks! OH MY GOD I AM SO EXCITED!! AAAAAHHHH!!!! ::fangirl screech::

Ahem. (aaaaahhhhh!!!)

I also got another package from my SP yesterday! Huzzah! (I love you SP!) It had this really cool tape measure that looks like a die, a sampler of Burt's Bees products (AWESOME), and three balls of beautiful kid mohair in my favorite colors - two black, one bright pink! I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet, but I am definitely excited. I'll post pictures this weekend, of everything - I've been very lax in my picture taking duties. I apologize.

I've been making progress on Wendy's scarf, but am getting bored with it - so I'm going to start work on Nora's tail tomorrow, I think. I have to have it for her by Halloween, after all.

Oh, speaking of Halloween, I saw the Knitty They were okay, but since I don't have breast cancer, or the desire for a skull scarf, or time to knit another Halloween project, I'm kind of out of luck. Oh well!


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