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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hello out there!

Well, I haven't been doing a whole lot of knitting in the last week. Which makes me sad. But I got a new bag, which is awesome except that it's too small to bring knitting along - bummer. No knitting on the subway. And I'd do it after school, but the world has been conspiring to kill my free time. I'm stage manager for my school - have I said that before? - and rehearsels for the musical are getting pretty intense. They also just announced the winter play, which is Dracula and will be SO FUN - excpet that rehearsels between the two will overlap and I'm not sure how I'm supposed to manage that. So confusing! Plus I have PSAT classes - which will end next week, thank god - and homework is nearly double what it was last year.

Good grief! (Can you tell all my time is spent at Charlie Brown rehearsels?)

BUT some good things, knitting-wise, have happened. Like...
-I got a package from my Secret Pal! Yay! It had three balls of really soft purply pink yarn in it. Awesomeness!
-My mom got me some very nice sock yarn (white with little spots of primary colors, plus green) so that I can start learning to knit socks with my new book.
-I found the little purple pencil case I keep all my miscellaneous knitting supplies in!
-AND the first quarter is nearly over (FINALLY, although it's hardly even been a month) so I'll be getting a yarn shopping spree soon. Assuming my grades are good. Which I think they will be.

My stash is starting to expand outside of the red bin I have for it! AAAHH! I'll have to use some of it up. And I'm due to get a dozen or thirteen balls of Rowan in any minute now - although it's been like a month since I ordered it. Rowan's shipping is crazy, I tell you.

Double robotics soon! yay!

Okay. Calm.

I'll post pictures this weekend.


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    ...or I would if I HAD a penis.


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