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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Yay! New Knitty AND Magknits! The Magknits was a bit dissapointing for me – I liked the ‘Crime of Fashion’ scarf, but I’d never wear it – same thing with Sesame, and the others weren’t very interesting to me at all. (Is it just me, or were there only six patterns? o_O) Still, I was very glad to hear that they’ll be publishing every month now! Huzzah! Knitty was better – I LOVE Revolution and Arisaig, although I’m not sure that I’d actually wear them. I also loved the ideas behind Leaves in Relief and Samus – but, personally, I think that Samus would hang around in something much more futuristic than a sweater. I always kind of picture her dressing like the girl in the Fifth Element.

My friend Alisa also requested an Astrodome set for her birthday, which is fine by me. (I'd love one for myself, too, but I look horrible in hats.) She wants it in red, orange, yellow, and brown - nice fall colors. I think I'd go for something a little more out there, myself, but it's all good.

In other news – I finished the Tie One On, and it looked great on her, although I didn’t get a picture. I will, though! She’s coming to see Pillowman with us on Tuesday, so I’ll get one then. I also finished my first bear for the Mother Bear Project – did I say that yet? Eh, whatever. I got most of a second one done before realizing I didn’t have enough yarn to do its arms, too. But I think it’d be a shame to rip it out (it’s a cute one with a ringer tee style shirt) and the yarn is cheap no dye-lot stuff, so I'll pick some up soon. I always use more white acrylic than I mean to in my charity projects, anyway.

Actually, that brings up something I've been wondering about. I tend to use acrylic in my charity projects. A lot of times it's nice soft stuff, but I'm still being a cheapass. I feel kind of bad - I mean, I always use the best stuff when I make presents for people I know...I make excuses to myself like the rather harsh-sounding "beggars can't be choosers" and the slightly more reasonable fact that I can make more with the same amount of money if I use acrylic, but I still feel bad. :*( Opinions, anyone?

Well. Now that I've told you about how I use expensive yarn for presents for people I know and cheap stuff for people I don't...I went and ordered yarn for my grandma's Christmas present today. I'm making a blanket from Knit It, which I may upload a picture of if I can overcome my lazy nature. It's got a garter stitch border, and a checkerboard pattern of two different stitches - some basic 2x2 ribbing and a kind of jumbo seed stitch. The reccomended yarn, 'Pleasure' by Berocco, looked really nice - but it's been discontinued, so I ordered some Rowan (Mom was paying or I never would've been able to afford it, lol) in a sort of dusty pink. I figure if I start it ASAP I might actually have it done for Christmas. The yarn store I went to is called Glenmarle Woolworks - I've never really shopped there except for stuff like stitch markers because I thought it was very overpriced. But it isn't! I was poking around today and they have all kinds of nice stuff for reasonable prices, including Lamb's Pride, which is called for in like half the patterns I use but which my other LYS doesn't stock. (I guess I thought it was expensive because they DO stock all the really expensive stuff, right up at the front of the store. It gets cheaper the farther back you go.) And the woman was very helpful. I'll have to go back there! They have this awesome plushy yarn that I NEED. I'm thinking that if I knit some of that and the Tutti Frutti lace yarn together, I could get a pretty nice scarf. Of course, I already have twenty million scarves. But that's okay. I could always use one more.

Bob II seems to be thinking about the holidays already, too. My computer keeps playing all my Christmas music. (I've sort of started seeing Bob as the soul of my computer, controlling what comes up on shuffle and things like that.)

You'll notice I haven't said anything about Katrina. There's not a whole lot to be said that hasn't been said already - except that I am, as usual, pissed at our government. The estimated casualties are equal to September 11th and the war added together and doubled, and many of them could have been avoided if the fatcats who run our country - or at least say they run it - had thought about the fact that not everyone has a big SUV to leave town and their pick of vacation homes to go to.


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