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Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'm a....Junior?

Wow, being back at school is so odd. I adjusted to the 'Eleventh Grade' part pretty quick, but the 'Junior' part hasn't really sunk in yet. The workload has definitely picked up, though, so I guess I really am an upperclassman now. XD Weird. I also got the Stage Manager position, which both has me jumping up and down, totally psyched, and mourning for my free time. I went and helped out with the first round of auditions for the Musical (You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown) today, which was fun.

On the knitting front...I've started a nice blue Wavy scarf (from Knitty, of course) for Wendy for Christmas. I was going to do it in Boston College colors, since she's up there coaching Women's Crew now, but I saw this blue and liked it way more. It's color number 9455, all the way on the left there. Wendy's going to love it, it's totally her style. (Wendy taught me to knit, just so you know.) I'm a little more than two repeats in.

Nice, right? I'm also picking up the yarn I ordered for Grandma's blanket tomorrow, if all goes well. I actually put pictures of all that stuff on my computer, but blogger isn't cooperating. So maybe I'll be able to get them up tomorrow. I hope so.

Oh, and my new SP e-mailed me! Hi SP! ::waves:: I'm going to email you back soon, once I figure out the actual name of this really fuzzy yarn I've been coveting.


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