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Monday, September 26, 2005

Finally, an update!

You're right, I haven't updated in a thousand years. I intended to, really! I even took these pictures...

On top is the second package I received, which I have already talked about. I think I may have left something out of the picture...::thinks:: Oh! I know! I left out the yummy-smelling soap. It's in my drawer, making my clothes smell nice.

Second is a picture of the last package I received. (Minus jelly beans, which were ultra-yummy and didn't last very long.) (I've just noticed how much I say 'yummy'.) I got an awesome eco-friendly notebook, a book of 'soda fountain wisdom' which is very fun, Wish #1, and some kickass mermaid embroidery patterns which I have to find something really cool to use on. I'm also very glad to have Wish - it's one of my favorite series EVER, and the second manga I read, and the book that introduced me to Clamp, and it's just AMAZING and I didn't own it! So that was perfect. Thank you. ^_^

Next up is Wendy's Wavy River Scarf, so called because it's blue and wavy and I think it looks like a river. So there. It's actually about twice as long as that now. I'm about to move on to the second ball of yarn, which makes me happy. I think I might make it ten or eleven repeats instead of nine, though, since Wendy is really, really tall. I mean, she could squish me by accident and not notice. So a little extra length would be good.

Requests for stuff has been pouring in from my friends...Sarah wants a hat like Nora's except pink, Alisa wants an Astrodome hat, Theodora wants a scarf to match her clutch, Katelyn wants wristbands that say 'hope' and 'dream'...It's nice to be loved, but a little overwhelming. At least nobody has asked for a sweater! I like knitting stuff for people, too. Although if I make more than two things a year for a person (one for Christmas, one for their birthday) I think I may start charging.

My yarn for Grandma's blanket has STILL not come in. This makes me angry. To console myself, I got myself Knit Socks! Which made me not so angry any more. Socks will make good Christmas presents, I think.


  • At 11:27 AM, Blogger Tina said…

    You could always just teach your friends to knit so they can make their own hats.

    But I know I love making gifts as well, so maybe that's part of the fun?

    Just a suggestion.


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