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Monday, August 22, 2005

Well, I've come back home to death and destruction.

Our house sitter killed my fish. My two Oscars, P and Diddy, who were just the most kickass fish in the world, were growing up big and healthy, and could easily have lived another seven or eight years. But noooo. George, the crazy old guy mom insisted would be a FINE housesitter even though all of the people he's lived with so far have kicked him out, fed them a WHOLE CAN of fish food in a week. A whole can! AND he finished the packet of pellets we already had open! That much food should last them months.

From the smell of it, they'd been dead for days. But yesterday he had the nerve to call us and say that the tank was getting cloudy and the fish were looking a bit sick, and what could he do? No shit, Sherlock, when they're floating on the top of the tank they MIGHT be an itsy bitsy bit sick.

F#&%ing a@(*$$#.

He also messed up the microwave and the TV. And my pet desktop panda was dead, too, which is my own fault. (Of course, I got it in Japan, so I couldn't read the directions to know if it kept going while my computer was off, but hey...) Poor Bob. Oh well. Here's Bob II, rolling happily on his tire.

The office (where I upload photos) is in the basement next to the fish tank and currently smells of dead Oscars, so I'm going to postpone uploading for a while.


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