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Friday, August 12, 2005


I have had a very good couple of days.

First off, I went to the mall yesterday and picked myself up an Xbox. Score! I wanted to get DDR, but the Box, pad, and game all at once were too expensive, so I got Blinx the Timesweeper until then. Good game. But an Xbox wasn't the only thing I got at the mall. Oh no. My niece Moira's birthday is coming up. Now, I am a very cool and generous aunt, if I do say so myself, and will probably spoil both my nieces rotten by the time Moira is 7. But right now she's turning four, and is totally into all the Princess stuff. So, check this out.

How kickass is that? Every princess needs a bright pink electric guitar. I want one, too. ^_^ I might give it to her for Christmas, though, since it's supposed to be for 5 year olds and up, and I got her a Totoro plushie from Japan, ::shrug:: it's all good. I just love that you can get one of these. It was on the shelf next to the Princess Magic Mirror and Princess Phone and Princess Nailpolish Set and all that, hooray for feminism! Maybe she'll be a punkass rocker someday.

I also found out what my friend Emma's dad does. This has always puzzled me. Her mom teaches Spanish, which isn't a very high-paying job, but despite that, and having five kids, they never seem at all worried about money. Quite the opposite. I went to babysit for the little ones while they went to a Barenaked Ladies concert, and there were tickets on their bulletin board for Coldplay, too. So guess what he does? He works in publishing. And his company just bought Tokyopop. I am SO jealous of Emma - she gets free manga, models, and plushies all the time. But she came over and shared the wealth. ^_^ I got five free manga, and I've only read one of them before. Score again!

And to top it all off, today I got a postcard of Grand Central from my SP angel. Yay! This is cool on two counts; 1) it's the first actual object I have gotten out of this whole SP thing, and 2) it's Grand Central! Fun! It's a cool picture, too.

Oh, and I got a haircut, too. Which is good because my head was starting to look thatched.

As far as knitting goes... I have mostly been working on cat blankets, which are addictive. They're quick, they use up scraps, you can make them up as you go along, and you can try all kinds of stuff you haven't done before without worrying about making mistakes. Homeless cats don't really care, I think. So, I've been trying out diagonal knitting. I finished this one this morning...

I need to sew in the ends, but other than that it came out pretty well. The black there is actually dark green, so it has a kind of Jamaican look, which I didn't do on purpose but is okay. I like diagonal knitting. It's fun. ^_^ So I started another one this morning.

The variegated yarn looks good, I think. I don't have enough to finish a whole one, though, so I'm putting in a few stripes of the dark green. Should be good. Of course, this is all taking time away from the project I ought to be working on, which is the Tie One On for my hostess in Japan. She's going to be back in the States on the 17th, and I want to have it ready for her then. I should be able to do it, I'm just working on the ties now.

It's longer and shorter than I thought, but it actually works pretty well when I try it on. And she's short anyway. :)

EDIT: Longer and shorter. Yeah, that makes sense. I meant longer and thinner.


  • At 11:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    SP sub here (Grand Central postcard one, at least.)

    Your gift shipped today after crazy delays on my end (sorry! going back to college, and things are NUTS)

    You should get it soon.


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