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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Vacation, whoo!

So, I'm now back in good old NYC - I've been upstate for the days, I believe. Three days at Lake Mohonk, which was the most beautiful and relaxing place EVER. I did lots of sitting by the lake knitting. I also did a lot more exercising than I usually do - swimming, boating, Pilates, horseback riding, rock was good. The rock scramble was awesome, although I now have a huge bruise on my ass from where I fell. At least I didn't fall down a crevasse!

So what did I knit, exactly? One red cotton hat with a pompom on top, accidently made child-sized, which I'll give to charity, and one blue Umbilical Cord Hat, also for charity. I just finished it, it's so cute! ^_^ I've never made a baby hat before. It came out well. Although I did sew down the 'umbilical cord' because I tend to knit I-cord a bit stiff and so it would've been standing straight up otherwise. I also finished one of the ties on the Tie One On - so now I've just got to do one more. It's so boring though - just 1x1 rib, but because I'm knitting it at such a loose guage and with such a slippery yarn I can't just do it while I watch TV or I drop stitches all over the place. What a pain. It's long enough to tie it now, but of course I'll still do the other one, in the interest of symmetry.

After Lake Mohonk we went to visit my Dad's cousin John and his wife Kate. They live waaay upstate, up in the mountains in this little house that they used to heat only with wood until about eight years ago. (They raised three kids that way, can you imagine?) You can only see one other house from where they are, and kate has this amazing huge garden with EVERYTHING in it - black-eyed susans, squash, catnip, potatoes, tomatoes, daisies, soybeans, three or four other kinds of beans, those purple flowers with the really tall centers, red climbing vine flowers...and hummingbirds practically swarm those red ones. It was so beautiful! We went to a county fair. Now that was an experience. I'm about 40 pounds overweight and I felt positively thin compared to most of the people there. Which was nice.

I got a bar of sandalwood-scented goatmilk soap for my secret pal, and a skein of beautiful brown alpaca that I haven't decided whether I'll keep or send off to her. I had been planning to send her some sock yarn, after all. Well, we'll see.

I'll be getting back to NJ tomorrow afternoon (or maybe night) and will upload pictures of all this. As well as a picture of another charity project that I will probably have started by then. I knit a lot of charity stuff on my own, but I'm doing even more right now because I've been told I can count it for the Service Project requirement of a Textile Arts badge I'm working on. Yes, I'm 16 and I'm still a Girl Scout. Yes, I know I'm a nerd. >_< But I want to get my Gold Award. it looks good on college applications!! Really!!


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