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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

UFOs and Resolutions

School is starting in two weeks. I'm so excited! In honor of the event of my first actual first day of school at BFS (last year I transferred in between the first and second semesters, cleverly dodging midterms at both schools) I have decided to make a few resolutions, some knitting related, some not.

I'm not going to snack in between meals. If I'm not hungry at a mealtime, I will not eat.
I'm not going to sign up for anything I will regret later, especially RPs. I WILL NOT found any more RPing sites, or revive any of my old ones, or agree to co-admin.
I'm going to get out of as many of my RPs as possible.
I'm not going to have more than three WIPs at a time, not counting charity projects.
I'm going to keep in touch with all my friends as much as possible.
I'm going to reply to all emails, phone calls, letters, and posts ASAP.
I'm not going to be so impulsive.

OK, that's that. We'll see how it works out. The RPs have always been a problem for me - escapism is my vice, whoo. Every time I get back into it I regret it about a month later. You'd think I'd learn, but nooo. Of course, none of this kicks in for another two weeks. ^_^

As far as knitting goes...I still don't have pictures to post, but I will soon. I've made another Umbilical Cord hat, and cast on a third - quick charity projects, so addictive. I haven't made any progress on the tie one on or my pink bag. But I have started experimenting with wristbands for my nephew - we picked up some red and black Frog Tree Alpaca today. (I love that stuff!) And I made a deal with mom to make an afghan for my grandma for Christmas. It'll be from both of us; she'll be the yarn, I'll do the work. It'd definitely going to be my biggest projects yet, but the pattern looks interesting enough to keep me going. I'll post a picture when I have the energy to scan it. (It's from Knit It.)

Nora has also requested a tail to go with her hat, with the promise that I don't have to get/make her a Christmas present if I can get it done in time for Halloween. I'm thinking black acrylic. ::cringe:: I know, I'm such a bad kid. Anyway, I'm going to use the cabled belt pattern from SnBN, and then attach a thick I-cord, at least 7 or 8 stitches, with a double thickness of soldering wire run down the middle so she can twist it however she likes and it'll stay that way. Should be good.

And now I'm going to go watch Adult Swim and knit hats for babies in the ICU. Buh bye!


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