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Monday, August 08, 2005

I'm back! Miss me?

So, does my neglecting my blog mean that I'm busy with other things? Well, obviously! I have been knitting, traveling, cleaning, cooking, all sorts of stuff. Before I left for Japan I knit a catear hat for my friend Nora, out of some cheap cotton I've had lying around for forever. I've never knit with cooton, but I really liked the way it turned out. It was warm enough for the fall but cool enough for the summer, since I knew she'd probably be wearing it around the clock. (She is.) It was also very quick and gratifying. I used the pattern from SnB, minus the ties. Definitely going to have to make another.

And here is Nora modeling and laying out my fortune - I'm teaching her tarot. The whole shebang, as you can see, not one of those wimpy three-card layouts.

I also did a bit of stash enhancing. I found some beautiful lace-weight merino in this ubercute colorway called 'tutti frutti' - and it was on clearance, no less! I only had the money for one skein, but I went back and grabbed the last one the next day. It's kind of hard to get a picture that does the colorway justice, but here's an okay one;

I have no idea what I'll do with it, since there's very little, but I'm sure something cute will pop up sometime. Then I knit this:

Yet another cat blanket. It's not the prettiest in the world, but it's very soft, and I doubt homeless cats will really care. Not bad for an hour of knitting in front of the TV, though.

Now for some real projects...remember that Letter Have It bag I've been working on for all of eternity? Well, I felted it and blocked it, and it came out pretty well, except that the blocking was a bit wonky.

So then the next thing to do would be to install a zipper, right? I got a nice pink one from the cheap-o craft store. It was a little lighter than I liked, but not bad. The only problem was it was too long - so i did something stupid. I held it up to the opening and measured it. Anyone with half a brain would've pinned it in and measured it that way, but obviously I've only got a quarter. So it went from being too long to too short.

I'm going to wash the bag again and see if it shrinks any more, since I've only done it twice. That way I can fix the blocking, too. If it doesn't get small enough to fit the zipper, I guess I'll have to get another one. That's okay, they're pretty cheap. It's just a pain.

And now I would like to take a moment to acknowledge one of my other hobbies and complain about being underappreciated, all at the same time. What a multi-tasker I am!

I am very odd for a teenage girl. My hobbies include knitting, shouting orders at middle schoolers, and, of course, cooking. I am a fledgeling gourmet, if I do say so myself. During the school year my mom complains that she cooks too much, but during the summer the kitchen is my domain. Now, a few days ago I decided I wanted to make veggie quiche and herbed flatbread for dinner. Mom was going grocery shopping, so I asked her to pick up some cheddar, and she reached into the back of the fridge and pulled out this:

This is not CHEDDAR! This is CAMOUFLAGE CHEESE! Geez, I'm making dinner all the time, you could at least pick me up some decent cheese. I made do, but let us highlight the phrase 'fledgeling gourmet'. A beautiful crust, free-range eggs, organic veggies and full cream deserve some nice cheese. Meh. Then when she got back from the store she hadn't gotten basil, feta, yeast, or sundried tomatoes, so no herbed flatbread. Gah! But today I made two loaves of nice white sandwich bread to console myself, so it's all good. Maybe I'll make some herbed flatbread, too. Just for the hell of it.

Now, what else...Japan was amazing, of's the last month of SP and I haven't gotten anything, so I'm officially in the 'Needs an Angel' folder unless I get sent something soon...meh. I've also gotten interested in cross stitch a bit, so more news on that when I've made some progress. I think that's it.

Au revoir!


  • At 5:36 PM, Blogger Tina said…

    I did the same thing with the kittyyville hat (taking the ties off). I made my boyfriend's black, and just like the pattern, out of merino wool (soo soft), but I made min with k2p2 ribbing around the bottom, in a pink tweed. I love it, and my best friend has been bugging me for one.

  • At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love the 'tutti frutti' yarn! Can you post in your comments the brand name and where you found it - so I can maybe pick up a little for myself?

  • At 12:43 PM, Blogger Gwen said…

    Sho' thing. :)

    It's kid mohair from Prism yarns. I got it at Pins & Needles in Princeton, NJ, but it was on clearance and I snatched up everything they had left - a grand total of 250 yards. >_<

    They do have a website, though - I'll have to check that out for myself, too. Maybe I can get enough for something other than a lacy scarf. :)

  • At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ohhhhh great, thanks so much!


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