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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Yay for pictures!

Okay, I'm going to see if blogger will let me put my pictures into the post this time instead of just linking to them. That'd be nice. I doubt it'll happen, though - blogger hates me. As evidenced by the fact that my 'stalked bloggers' thing is still just two people and my wishlist. Eh.

I had a very good first day of summer vacation. I spent...oh, I dunno, maybe eleven hours playing Tales of Symphonia. (I took a shower, I promise. And no, you don't have to tell me I'm a loser. I know.) I haven't spent that long on a game since I bought Skies of Arcadia. I think I'm nearly to the second disc. I also took and uploaded pictures! whee!

First things first. This is one of my nieces, Maeve.

Ain't she a cutie? This is from her second birthday party, last Friday. A few hours after I took this her dad abducted me and made me go to the comicon. ...well, something like that. Maeve Fyfe McGrath. Nearly as celtic as her sister, Moira Lyn. Pretty names, hm? Matt wanted to name Moira Galadriel. Nerdiness can go too far, though.

Now to knitting...this is my small amount of progress on the Letter Have It bag.

I've sewn the front panel to the center panel, but...look at the lower left corner. wtf?? I guarantee you, I tried to get it to untwist in every way I could, and it just wouldn't work. So I just sewed it like that. With my limited experience in felting, I'm pretty sure it'll be more or less smooth, even if it is thicker in that corner. What I'm worried about is how it'll affect the shape of the bag overall. If anyone knows what the hell is going on with it, let me know. Worse come to worse, it'll make some cool applique.

I have been working on this bag for so long, look what happened to it's page in SnBN.

Yeesh. Oh well, whatever. As long as I don't lose it I should be fine.

Next up, teddy bears! This is that awesome uber-pink Caron yarn I was talking about, with Morgan sitting next to it, all ready to be stuffed. The yarn looks red in this light, but it's really not.

I have Travis on the needles, too - he should be ready this week. Now I just have to get some stuffing. I gave my last bag to my friend Wendy for a ginormous pillow she was making for her bf, since it'd been ages since I'd needed any. Stupid. Maybe she'll get me another bag. Not that it's expensive or anything, but I'm a little tight right now, what with just having gone to Comicon and Coney Island, and having to get stuff for my pal. Well, it'll work out. My pal's first priority, of course. :) I sent her a cool Labyrinth postcard a few days ago, letting her know I'm around and she's got a gift coming - I wonder if she's seen the movie. She seems like she might've. I probably shouldn't talk about that stuff on Hardly anybody reads this.

A note on teddy bears. And money. You know what I think would be a really good business? One-of-a-kind, handknit teddybears. But not just any teddy bears. Cool ones. Like Morgan and Travis, if they come out like I'm imagining them. Bears with Attitude. Punk ones, ghetto fabulous ones, gay pride ones - stuff like that. And cutesy ones, too - mommy bears & baby bears that stick together because they both have magnets in them, Valentine's Day ones, stuff like that. New York is all about that stuff, especially right around where I'm living right now. All you'd have to do is prove that people would buy them - maybe sell a dozen or so at a flea market or something - to get them into one of the many expensive gift shops or children's boutiques in the Upper East Side. Then set up a web site, where people can request custom-made ones, see where they can buy them, that sort of thing.

That's my game plan. If Morgan and Travis come out okay. Of course, I'd be eternally knitting teddy bears. But that's fine by me. I like them. And the one-of-a-kind thing would keep it interesting.'s the rainbow stripe on my second cat blanket. It's about an inch and a half in from the left side, and the rest is going to be white. Very Rainbow-Brite. And a good way to use up acrylic.

Isn't that a cute picture? I'd like to make it into an icon for something, but people would probably think I'm gay.(Not that there's anything wrong with that.) I finished my first cat blanket, and I think it looks great, but it's still in NYC. So I'll post a pic of it on Friday, maybe Saturday.

Blessed be!

PS - my HTML is working! Yayy!

Edit: ...BUT they all have to be small, otherwise my sidebar dissapears. Godammit. Just can't win.


  • At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I cannot believe I spent 5 minutes reading this crap.

    *laughs* Just kidding. The bag looks fine, I think. At least it's not too obvious.


    You've made me into a loser too. AHHHH



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