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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Whoo, knitting pics

Just as I figure out how to put in pictures, Blogger comes up with a picture tool. How nice of them. ::grumble:: Well, guess I'd better try it out, right?

Hm, actually, that works pretty well. Slow, but...well, yeah. That's the bag, and it actually IS a bag now! It has both sides and everything. I figured out the twisty thing, which was a pain in the ass because I had to unsew everything, but I think it'll be worth it.

Here's the first cat blanket (for Knit 4 Paws, it's linked on my sideber, have a look) I did...its edges came out a little wonky, but it's very thick and pretty. I used a chunky blue acrylic and a thin purple yarn that I've had for ages, I'm not sure what it is. it didn't come out too bad for a patternless piece. :) I think whatever cat gets it will like it. And that's not the only one I've done! Oh no! There's this one, finally completed:

And this one, recently started and already close to being done:

I'm just a charity knitting machine. I have been doing some stuff just for the fun of it, though. Here's Morgan, finished and lying on top of some Emo for size reference:

She doesn't look quite as good as the first one I knit - there might be something to the fact that I was supposed to knit it in garter stitch. ~_~ I think she'll look fine once I get a dress done for her, though. Travis is still on the needles, I've been distracted by other things.

I also made a nice blue Pasha for my friend Emma, who has a thing for bouncy blue penguins. Although it wasn't very bouncy, it was very blue and uber-huggable. It was a wrench, actually giving it to her. I definitely have to make on for myself. I'm thinking pink and purple.

She turned out pretty well, right? :) Yay for using up scraps. So, next up, I figure I should actually do some lace knitting, seeing as I'm supposedly a part of the Summer of Lace knitalong. Once I get some nice yarn - I'm thinking a dark blue - I'm going to try the fishtail scarf pattern they posted. It'd make a very nice Christmas gift for my Grandma, she always loves seeing that I'm knitting. (My Grandma has always knitted my family stuff - most recently I remember a cheesy red acrylic cardigan with white anchors and such on it for my nephew. That was just when I was starting to appreciate how much work would go into that. Eddie said he hated it, I was SO PISSED at him.) I just finished buying and sending off stuff for my SP, and now I have something I want to get for myself, so I dunno when I'll have the money for yarn...but my grades should be coming in soon, and Mom always gives me 50+ dollars to spend at Pins & Needles when they're good. And I happen to know they're good this time, my GPA is finally going to be above 3. ^_^ Hm, in fact, maybe I'll go check the mail now.


Nope, nothing. Damn. Ah well. Until next time.


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    Love the blog! cant wait to see the STD... I mean Clapotis


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