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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


School's out for's out for ever...

I am psyched.

Resolutions for summer vacation:
1. Hang out with my guy friends. A lot. I've been hanging out with girls way too much lately. I might as well have gone to Hewitt.
2. Knit obsessively. Make a sweater in time for fall. Or maybe two.
3. Make money - enough to pay for presents for my friends and pal, and a new copy of Animal Crossing. (I was playing it at Nora's today, and I do believe she's gotten me obsessed again.)
4. Update my fanfictions regularly.
5. Never crack a book. Except for knitting books, of course. And those two I have to read for school.
6. Lose weight, get a tan, get highlights - generally start paying more attention to my bod.
7. Veg as much as possible.

I think that should keep me busy.

So my knitting has oficially become an obsession. Why wasn't it before, you ask? Because although I spent a good chunk of time knitting, I didn't usually have more than one or two projects going, and I didn't often carry my knitting around with me. I hardly ever KIPed. But in the last two or three weeks I've started...::counts::...five projects, and have never been without needles and yarn. To the point that tonight when I was coming home to Jersey my mom said "You don't have much to carry, do you? Your knitting, of course. Anything else?" She was right. In my backpack were the white and rainbow blanket, Morgan & Travis, two extra balls of yarn, and my knitting accesories. And my yearbook. Ha.

Well, anyway.

I designed a button for Wendy's 'Summer Of Lace', which quickly became a knitalong. So, I'll have to figure out something nice and lacy to knit. Hm. (Don't tell my rational mind this, but lace is scary. Terrifying. Not to mention something that I don't really wear.) I'm sure I'll find something doable in the Knitty archives.

I don't have the energy to get off my ass and find my camera, so pictures will have to wait until tomorrow. I did finish the purple and blue cat blanket, though. Yay.


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