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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ignore this

This is me trying to figure out image sizing. (This pic is nearly 700x1000 pixels in paint, but when I upload it to photobucket it becomes like a third of the size.) No, this isn't actually me - it's a guy I RP as.

Don't know what RPing is? Don't ask.

Monday, June 27, 2005

I'm planning the stuff I'm going to knit for Christmas. Yes, that's right. Six months ahead of time. Why? Because I just gave my Dad his scarf from last Christmas about a month ago, that's why.

I'm not stupid enough to knit people sweaters, since I know they probably won't appreciate them. So, scarves, hats, and mittens are on the menu. I've found a whole bunch of kickass patterns on the web and bookmarked the ones I have in my book.

The only problem know...yarn. Don't get me wrong, I have a nice little stash, but I have all these random balls of yarn that really wouldn't go too well together and definitely wouldn't fit into any of the patterns I have. I need to go yarn shopping.

Not anytime soon, though. I'm not getting rewarded with a yarn shopping spree for my grades this summer...oh no. I'm getting a trip to Japan.

SCORE! I'm totally psyched.

But since my parents are paying for the plane ticket, they're not giving me any spending money. So I need to save up every penny for the next few weeks. Which is a pain - I mean, I'd like to have something to knit on the disgustingly long flight.

Meh. Secret Pal, if you're out there...I could use a couple balls of yarn...preferably that match each other. ~_~ I haven't gotten anything yet. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining - I mean, IF everything went as scheduled, my pal will just be getting her first package today. I'm know...reminding. :)

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Whoo, knitting pics

Just as I figure out how to put in pictures, Blogger comes up with a picture tool. How nice of them. ::grumble:: Well, guess I'd better try it out, right?

Hm, actually, that works pretty well. Slow, but...well, yeah. That's the bag, and it actually IS a bag now! It has both sides and everything. I figured out the twisty thing, which was a pain in the ass because I had to unsew everything, but I think it'll be worth it.

Here's the first cat blanket (for Knit 4 Paws, it's linked on my sideber, have a look) I did...its edges came out a little wonky, but it's very thick and pretty. I used a chunky blue acrylic and a thin purple yarn that I've had for ages, I'm not sure what it is. it didn't come out too bad for a patternless piece. :) I think whatever cat gets it will like it. And that's not the only one I've done! Oh no! There's this one, finally completed:

And this one, recently started and already close to being done:

I'm just a charity knitting machine. I have been doing some stuff just for the fun of it, though. Here's Morgan, finished and lying on top of some Emo for size reference:

She doesn't look quite as good as the first one I knit - there might be something to the fact that I was supposed to knit it in garter stitch. ~_~ I think she'll look fine once I get a dress done for her, though. Travis is still on the needles, I've been distracted by other things.

I also made a nice blue Pasha for my friend Emma, who has a thing for bouncy blue penguins. Although it wasn't very bouncy, it was very blue and uber-huggable. It was a wrench, actually giving it to her. I definitely have to make on for myself. I'm thinking pink and purple.

She turned out pretty well, right? :) Yay for using up scraps. So, next up, I figure I should actually do some lace knitting, seeing as I'm supposedly a part of the Summer of Lace knitalong. Once I get some nice yarn - I'm thinking a dark blue - I'm going to try the fishtail scarf pattern they posted. It'd make a very nice Christmas gift for my Grandma, she always loves seeing that I'm knitting. (My Grandma has always knitted my family stuff - most recently I remember a cheesy red acrylic cardigan with white anchors and such on it for my nephew. That was just when I was starting to appreciate how much work would go into that. Eddie said he hated it, I was SO PISSED at him.) I just finished buying and sending off stuff for my SP, and now I have something I want to get for myself, so I dunno when I'll have the money for yarn...but my grades should be coming in soon, and Mom always gives me 50+ dollars to spend at Pins & Needles when they're good. And I happen to know they're good this time, my GPA is finally going to be above 3. ^_^ Hm, in fact, maybe I'll go check the mail now.


Nope, nothing. Damn. Ah well. Until next time.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Am I the only one that thinks that 'Clapotis' sounds like a sexually transmitted disease?

Real post, with pictures and everything, coming soon.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Yay for pictures!

Okay, I'm going to see if blogger will let me put my pictures into the post this time instead of just linking to them. That'd be nice. I doubt it'll happen, though - blogger hates me. As evidenced by the fact that my 'stalked bloggers' thing is still just two people and my wishlist. Eh.

I had a very good first day of summer vacation. I spent...oh, I dunno, maybe eleven hours playing Tales of Symphonia. (I took a shower, I promise. And no, you don't have to tell me I'm a loser. I know.) I haven't spent that long on a game since I bought Skies of Arcadia. I think I'm nearly to the second disc. I also took and uploaded pictures! whee!

First things first. This is one of my nieces, Maeve.

Ain't she a cutie? This is from her second birthday party, last Friday. A few hours after I took this her dad abducted me and made me go to the comicon. ...well, something like that. Maeve Fyfe McGrath. Nearly as celtic as her sister, Moira Lyn. Pretty names, hm? Matt wanted to name Moira Galadriel. Nerdiness can go too far, though.

Now to knitting...this is my small amount of progress on the Letter Have It bag.

I've sewn the front panel to the center panel, but...look at the lower left corner. wtf?? I guarantee you, I tried to get it to untwist in every way I could, and it just wouldn't work. So I just sewed it like that. With my limited experience in felting, I'm pretty sure it'll be more or less smooth, even if it is thicker in that corner. What I'm worried about is how it'll affect the shape of the bag overall. If anyone knows what the hell is going on with it, let me know. Worse come to worse, it'll make some cool applique.

I have been working on this bag for so long, look what happened to it's page in SnBN.

Yeesh. Oh well, whatever. As long as I don't lose it I should be fine.

Next up, teddy bears! This is that awesome uber-pink Caron yarn I was talking about, with Morgan sitting next to it, all ready to be stuffed. The yarn looks red in this light, but it's really not.

I have Travis on the needles, too - he should be ready this week. Now I just have to get some stuffing. I gave my last bag to my friend Wendy for a ginormous pillow she was making for her bf, since it'd been ages since I'd needed any. Stupid. Maybe she'll get me another bag. Not that it's expensive or anything, but I'm a little tight right now, what with just having gone to Comicon and Coney Island, and having to get stuff for my pal. Well, it'll work out. My pal's first priority, of course. :) I sent her a cool Labyrinth postcard a few days ago, letting her know I'm around and she's got a gift coming - I wonder if she's seen the movie. She seems like she might've. I probably shouldn't talk about that stuff on Hardly anybody reads this.

A note on teddy bears. And money. You know what I think would be a really good business? One-of-a-kind, handknit teddybears. But not just any teddy bears. Cool ones. Like Morgan and Travis, if they come out like I'm imagining them. Bears with Attitude. Punk ones, ghetto fabulous ones, gay pride ones - stuff like that. And cutesy ones, too - mommy bears & baby bears that stick together because they both have magnets in them, Valentine's Day ones, stuff like that. New York is all about that stuff, especially right around where I'm living right now. All you'd have to do is prove that people would buy them - maybe sell a dozen or so at a flea market or something - to get them into one of the many expensive gift shops or children's boutiques in the Upper East Side. Then set up a web site, where people can request custom-made ones, see where they can buy them, that sort of thing.

That's my game plan. If Morgan and Travis come out okay. Of course, I'd be eternally knitting teddy bears. But that's fine by me. I like them. And the one-of-a-kind thing would keep it interesting.'s the rainbow stripe on my second cat blanket. It's about an inch and a half in from the left side, and the rest is going to be white. Very Rainbow-Brite. And a good way to use up acrylic.

Isn't that a cute picture? I'd like to make it into an icon for something, but people would probably think I'm gay.(Not that there's anything wrong with that.) I finished my first cat blanket, and I think it looks great, but it's still in NYC. So I'll post a pic of it on Friday, maybe Saturday.

Blessed be!

PS - my HTML is working! Yayy!

Edit: ...BUT they all have to be small, otherwise my sidebar dissapears. Godammit. Just can't win.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


School's out for's out for ever...

I am psyched.

Resolutions for summer vacation:
1. Hang out with my guy friends. A lot. I've been hanging out with girls way too much lately. I might as well have gone to Hewitt.
2. Knit obsessively. Make a sweater in time for fall. Or maybe two.
3. Make money - enough to pay for presents for my friends and pal, and a new copy of Animal Crossing. (I was playing it at Nora's today, and I do believe she's gotten me obsessed again.)
4. Update my fanfictions regularly.
5. Never crack a book. Except for knitting books, of course. And those two I have to read for school.
6. Lose weight, get a tan, get highlights - generally start paying more attention to my bod.
7. Veg as much as possible.

I think that should keep me busy.

So my knitting has oficially become an obsession. Why wasn't it before, you ask? Because although I spent a good chunk of time knitting, I didn't usually have more than one or two projects going, and I didn't often carry my knitting around with me. I hardly ever KIPed. But in the last two or three weeks I've started...::counts::...five projects, and have never been without needles and yarn. To the point that tonight when I was coming home to Jersey my mom said "You don't have much to carry, do you? Your knitting, of course. Anything else?" She was right. In my backpack were the white and rainbow blanket, Morgan & Travis, two extra balls of yarn, and my knitting accesories. And my yearbook. Ha.

Well, anyway.

I designed a button for Wendy's 'Summer Of Lace', which quickly became a knitalong. So, I'll have to figure out something nice and lacy to knit. Hm. (Don't tell my rational mind this, but lace is scary. Terrifying. Not to mention something that I don't really wear.) I'm sure I'll find something doable in the Knitty archives.

I don't have the energy to get off my ass and find my camera, so pictures will have to wait until tomorrow. I did finish the purple and blue cat blanket, though. Yay.

Sunday, June 05, 2005


So, I didn't post pictures today. I'm sorry. It's all my brother-in-law's fault. And my nephew's, a little.

They brought me to a comic convention all day today.

It rocked my theoretical socks.

I got tons of loot, a bunch of it free - including like $30 worth of Magic cards, which was awesome. Oh my god, it was just so great. And I'm not even that much into comics. They had some cool manga booths though, and lots of good cards and electronic gaming stuff and OH MY GOD I am still totally hyper.

I did get some Hello Kitty stuff for my Pal, though, so it wasn't a totally selfish experience.

Will post pics ASAP. Of everything.


oh! hi secret pal! I understood your comment, but I'm not really sure what to say - except, of course, 'Merci Beaucoup'! ^_^

Friday, June 03, 2005

Happy Days

Woot! I'm having a very good day. Well, I think I may have failed my French final. But other than that.

As of 10:30 this morning, when I finished my last final, I am done with sophomore year. (There's two more days, but one is going to Coney Island and the other is just partying and returning textbooks.) Mom came up to the school so I could show her around the neighborhood and we could check out real estate - we're moving to Brooklyn next year, because I refuse to sleep on the couch for my entire high school career. It seems that she likes the place almost as much as I do. I showed her all the best places - Zam's, the Meeting House, everything on Court street, and of course Knit-A-Way. She let me pick out two skeins of yarn as congratulations for finishing exams, which was sweet of her. I got some chunky blue stuff to finish my first cat blanket and some sock yarn that reminds me of those 'confetti' cake mixes. It's cute. I can't wait to try knitting socks.

I was also there a couple days ago, picking up a bday present for Barbara, who I taught to purl and bind off last month, and found the best deal I have ever seen. Okay, I know I said I don't like acrylic...but this skein of hot pink Caron's 'simply soft' acrylic was lying on top of all the other pastel stuff, and it just called to me. I love it. I love it. It was only four bucks, it's the exact pink I love, and it's a NO DYE LOT YARN! So any other 'Rubine Red' I get will be exactly the same as this one!

Ah, I love my life.

I decided to make a couple of punky teddy bears with it. They're going to be called Morgan and Travis. And they are going to be the coolest, sexiest teddybears you ever did see. Morgan is already sitting in my knitting bag, ready to be stuffed.

So, I have acquired a whole bunch of UFOs lately. (which is fine, seeing as summer vacation is coming up.) I have two cat blankets, Morgan and Travis, the eternal Letter Have It bag, and later tonight probably another teddy bear (purple) and, if I'm feeling extra ADD, my first pair of socks.

It's a crazy, crazy world.

I also got my secret pal tonight! Hi secret pal! That was way cool. She sounded nearly as hyper as me in her email. I also got the person who I'll be secret pal too, who lives right near where I was born, which is cool, and shares a bunch of my interests, which is cooler. I plan to send her a postcard and pick up some Hello Kitty stuff for her tomorrow if I've got time. Also fix my 'stalked bloggers' HTML, which blogger is screwing with again, and post pictures of my UFOs. Should be interesting.

Okay, I think that's it. Au revoir! (see, I do know some French.)