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Sunday, May 08, 2005

So, I dunno what happened to my camera's wire, so I can't upload pictures. This makes me very sad, because I have been in super-duper-homemaker mode and knitting up a storm lately. (Also baking, cleaning, doing yard work…my friends think I'm a freak. They're probably right. I'm the only girl I know who doesn't think being a soccer mom would be so bad.) I finished the center panel for the 'letter have it' bag (finally) and will probably assemble it tomorrow, if I can do all the I-cord stuff. I'm also just about done with the felted purse from Knit It. I'm working on the handles now; my first I-cord, whoo! And I stuffed and embroidered a little teddy bear that's been sitting at the bottom of my project bin for months. I even made a little scarf for it. It's so cute! (I'm definitely going to post a pic once I can find that wire.) My mom's 'going out with a bag' has been wait listed, since I gave her my newly-finished armwarmers for Mother's Day. They were a bit too itchy for me, and while I was trying them on she was on the other side of the room and I could see her putting on the exact same Gwen-you-know-I-love-you-please-knit-this-for-me face that my friends do. (My friend Nora is continually bugging me to make her a pair of 'sad boy in snow' armwarmers. Story behind this: anime/manga always has pictures of hot girls, because most readers are guys. Particular favorites of anime nerds are shirts with large pictures of curvy anime girls in sexy nurse outfits on the back and anything with sad girls in snow. So I decided I was going to make a sad BOY in snow answer to this blanket. Maybe a bit too ambitious, yes? But armwarmers I can do, so...yeah. Wow, rambling.)

Anyway I think my first priority is to make a teddy about twice the size of the one I just finished out of some nice fuzzy white Rowan I have. For Karl, the only other person on the East Coast with Crouzon Syndrome. He's having major surgery sometime this month (not exactly sure when, although you can bet your ass I'll be there) and I want him to have something fuzzy to cuddle up with. Admittedly, his mom is an extremely accomplished knitter and could probably make him a much nicer bear than I could, but I still want him to have something from me. He's…three, I guess. About old enough to start remembering me and knowing that we have something in common. I can't wait to see him, it’s been nearly a year. He's uber-cute, a real flirt. I'm picturing a smiling white bear with a little blue vest for him. Or maybe green. White and blue seems a bit too Hanukah. Yeah, green. Or red? Oooh, Pins & Needles has that beautiful worsted Lobster Pot Yarn in stock...Yarn store, here I come! Muahahaha!

I recently found - get this - a scholarship for knitters. Hopefully no one who reads this is going to be entering college anytime soon, and won't apply for it, cause I want to win it. Still, I'll post it, because I just think it's the coolest thing ever and everybody should know about it. Of course, there's practically no one who reads this blog, but hey, whatever.

National Make It Yourself with Wool CompetitionThe National Make It Yourself with Wool (NMIYWW) competition awards $2,000 and $1,000 scholarships for knitting wool garments. Winners are selected based on the appropriateness to the contestant's lifestyle, coordination of fabric/yarn with garment style and design, contestant's presentation, and creativity. For more information send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: National Make It Yourself with Wool Competition Box 175 Lavina, MT 59046

The only thing is that I think it's for kids who really need the aid. Which is totally
fair, of course, but my parents would probably be able to pay for my entire college education if they really needed to. Actually, I know they'd be able to, but I'd still like to rack up a couple little scholarships, maybe pay for some of it myself - God knows I owe them enough already. Either way, time to start designing!

Okay, I think that's it. Wow, long entry.

Oh! Before I go - you know that blanket pic I posted? It's in an online store for the coolest webcomic (and second coolest manga) ever, Megatokyo. Go read it. Now!


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