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Saturday, May 21, 2005


WARNING: Long entry.

Well, I finally found the cable for my camera. Actually my mom found it - one of my technologically challenged parents put it in the case for the OLD digital camera, which uses floppy disks and, therefore, doesn't need a cable. But I got blamed for it, as I am for all mishaps involving anything that was invented after 1950. ::throws hands in air:: This despite the fact that I am the only one who actually knows what I'm doing when I use this stuff.

Thw point of this is to say that I now have pictures. Yay! So, here goes...

This is that teddy bear I was talking about. Isn't it sweet? I'm going to give it Karl, instead of making another one, because when I tried making one out of the Rowan I have the guage was off and it just looked weird. And his surgery is in three days, so I don't have a whole lot of time to tinker with needle size and such. Oh, and I got the pattern here, although I just made the scarf up as I went along, since I didn't have the pattern with me at that point.

And here's the first thing I've ever felted! It was so cool to take it out of the washer and have it actually turn out the way it was supposed to. (Felting has always freaked me out.) The handles are a little off, but I figure it's not bad for a first shot. I'm going to wash it one more time (I've done two so far, and I think it's a bit big) and sew some buttons on where the handles meet the bag, and then I'll be done! It's going to be a present for Wendy, who taught me to knit. For Christmas or when she moves out, whichever comes first.

The last FO(s) I have to post about are the armwarmers I made. They were my first project after a really long time of not knitting much, so I'm a bit attached to them. As you can kind of tell from the picture, the cabling on the left one is more on the side of the arm than the top, since I don't think I flipped the pattern right. But other than that, they come out pretty well. Unfortuneatly (sp?) they're waaaay to itchy for me. So I gave them to mom, for mother's day, since she was bugging me to make her a pair anyway. I think I'll make some for myself in a softer yarn at some point. When I don't have any other projects to do. Ha, ha.

My Letter Have It bag is coming along much more slowly than I had hoped, mostly because of knitter's ADD. I did purchase a zipper for it at the same time I got buttons for the red purse, though, so maybe that will get me more motivated.

Remember when I was talking about Nora and the 'sad boy in snow' armwarmers? Well, she was getting very annoying about them, so I strangled her with a circular needle and buried her under the Brooklyn Bridge.

I'm thinking about making a blanket for Knit 4 Paws this summer. I wanted to do a Big Bad Baby Blanket from SnB, which I've done once before, but I think it comes out to 36" and they want 24". Hmm...I think I'd be able to figure that out...I'm really bad at math, though, even in knittin.g x_x

I'm just kidding about Nora, by the way. Really, she and our friend Britanny took me to see a yarn store by our school called Knit-A-Way of Brooklyn. Corny name, good store. Possibly better than Pins & Needles. Possibly. Nora got some nice yarn and icky metal needles, I reminded her how to knit, and she started to make her own armwarmers, which are looking very pretty. Maybe I'll post a pic of her with them, if she'll let me.

All done. Phew.


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