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Gwen is a high school junior stranded on a not-quite-deserted island. (Manhattan.) She's obsessed with knitting and everything japanese.

Sunday, April 24, 2005


My grades came in a while back. They’re the best I’ve ever gotten – my lowest was a B-, and at this time last year I was failing Bio – so mom gave me $60 to spend at the yarn store. :D I’ve got to keep my grades up. Free yarn, woohoo!

I got 2 skeins of red Cascade 220 (quickly becoming my favorite yarn) for a purse I’m making for my friend Wendy, some fuzzy black stuff for ‘Going Out with a Bag’, which I’m making my Mom for mother’s day, a ball of white Rowan for baby booties (my second cousin is getting christened) and needles and stuff for the projects too. It was so fun! And then I went up to Morning Glory and picked up this ultra-cute pencil case to keep my crochet hook, tapestry needles, etc. in. I love it so much. Picture of Pencil Case. Morning Glory is awesome, it’s like a Japanese gift store. Anything Hello Kitty (pencils, bags, toasters), Godzilla models, stuffed animals and keychains, and lots of kitsch, like lipgloss in containers that look like those truffles wrapped in gold foil. Of course, it’s obscenely expensive for NJ, but I’d never be able to find stuff like this at these prices back in Manhatten, so…::shrug::

However, I have officially decided that I need to finish all my projects before I start any new ones. Currently I have going; ‘Letter Have It’ bag (SnBN), ‘Hurry Up Spring’ armwarmers (SnBN), ‘Felted Purse’ (Knit It!), a teddy bear (here), and ‘One Hour Baby Booties’(SnBN). This really isn’t too bad, considering the fact that I have all my projects until Christmas planned out (about 50 of them) but I really don’t have that much to do on any of them, and it’s just ridiculous. Pics of works in progress: armwarmers, felted purse.

Of course, I have an excuse for the ‘Letter Have It’ bag. I’d lost my second skein of pink yarn. But I found it (at the bottom of my yarn bin, of course) so that’s going better now. I’m about ¾ of the way done with the center panel.

Goals for this weekend (today, really):
-finish armwarmers - I really just have to do a thumb. Picture
-finish teddybear
-finish center panel of letter have it
-finish baby booties

I think that’s reasonable. I can work on/finish the felted purses and the bag for my mom during the week (you really make a lot of progress, knitting on the subway) and then maybe pick up supplies for my next projects (a multitude of scarves and handwarmers, knit 8 months before Xmas so I know they’ll be done on time) next weekend. Sounds like a plan.::thinking on blog::

In other news…Secret Pal 5 is starting soon, and I’m uberexcited! I’ve never participated before, but I’m going to make sure to sign up as soon as it’s open.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


OK, so I don't have pictures of the armwarmers - they're in New York, I'm in New Jersey. But here's the beggining of my Letter Have it Bag, in't it pretty? Blogger is acting up and my HTML isn't working, so I'll just have to post hyperlinks for now.

Front Panel (look, my first intarsia!)

My tech crew leader Catherine said that I actually did both fair isle and intarsia on here, since I didn't carry the yarn over each time - only when there was just a bit of black between two pink places. That's what happens when you teach yourself, I guess. The back is all yarn ends, which I suppose is evidence that she's right. Fine by me, Fair Isle always seemed kind of freaky to me, so I'm glad it's easy enough that I did it by accident... Other Side of Front Panel

Back Panel - still on the needles, but nearly done.

Many thanks to Teresa over at liquidgirl, who told me where to find the pattern corrections for the center panel. I'm very glad I haven't started that bit yet.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Of Armwarmers and Bags

So I finished my second armwarmer, but it will only fit me if I have my thumb surgically removed and sewn onto my palm. So I'm going to ribbit it and try again - I think I didn't flip the pattern right.

I also started work on the 'Letter Have It' bag from Stich 'n Bitch Nation. I'm doing the pink and black G one from the's so perfect for me. ^_^ It's my first intarsia project, but it actually isn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

I'm going to post pictures tomorrow. Really.

Friday, April 08, 2005


I now officially have a knitting blog! This makes me happy.

So...a little about me, I guess. I learned to knit about two years ago, but it was neglected for freshman year while I went through a period of typical high school angst. (After I made a hat that was knit so tightly it was nearly waterproof, that is.) Now I'm almost done with sophomore year and I've picked it up again, because it's very therapeutic and will, hopefully, keep me from having a nervous breakdown. That's important to me right now.

My current project is (are?) the Hurry Up Spring armwarmers from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. I'm very excited about them. ^_^ Since it's my first cabling project, there're tons of mistakes, but I will post a picture ASAP.